A.C.T.I.O.N !

As the month of January draws to a silent end, You must by now have Thought through what you wish to accomplish this year. #Your2020Goals

You have laid down either an elaborate plan to get to your goals, or you just have a rough idea of your goal, with a-not-so-well-laid plan. Thumbs up, as you’ve done what over 90% of people never get to do: They just drift through their lives with no sense of purpose

  1. YOU now Need to A.C.T on your Plan. E.X.E.C.U.T.E… Roll Up Your Sleeves Get Your Hands Dirty A.C.T.I.O.N is what separates the Wheat from the ChaffWhat is it That Y.O.U need to S.T.A.R.T doing N.O.W to sail towards your goals?🖊What Sacrifice MUST you make? 🖊DO you NEED to wake up 30 mins earlier ? 🖊DO you NEED to Sleep 30 minutes later than usual? 🖊DO you NEED to Overhaul your Daily menu? 🖊DO you NEED to take up extra Leadership /voluntary roles in.order to grow? 🖊DO you NEED to drop some of your money spending habits in order to Pay Off some debts? 🖊DO you NEED to start saving and/or Investing small amounts every month to build your Passive Income 🖊DO you NEED to Get an EXTRA STREAM OF INCOME to sufficiently fund your Dreams for 2020 A and beyond? 🖊DO you NEED to start going to Church? 🖊DO you NEED to Make connections with Contacts you’ve been Postponing ?Well, J.U.S.T Do It!A.C.T.I.O.N separates the NEWS MAKERS from the NEWS READERS#Beyond8to5 #TheFallBackPlanConversations

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