Apply Kaizen Principles for Higher Productivity In Your Life!

Never U.N.D.E.R ESTIMATE the Compounded Results of small daily continuous improvements on Your Most Important Project : YOUR LIFE

The Japanese have gained a global competitive edge living by a Philosophy they refer to as The Kaizen Philosophy.

🎯Kaizen, basically means, continuous improvement.

KAI means Change, ZEN good, hence Kaizen is Change for good

Under Kaizen Philosophy, organisations encourage the staff, and every stakeholder to keep innovating and seeking better ways of doing things.

Kaizen does not require that people lock them selves up brainstorming for the next groundbreaking idea, NO.

Instead, Kaizen encourages that the practitioners seek a way to make even the slightest improvement to ideas, products, services, and systems. Cumulatively, those little improvements over time, eventually lead to excellent cutting edge products, services, systems and ground breaking innovations.

And that largely, explains why Japanese firms, are often ahead of the pack in technology.

🎯Toyota is Perfect Example of how Committment to Kaizen Philosophy, has made the vehicle manufacturer a global leader, just as one of their marketing slogans , the vehicle in front of you is a Toyota .

Theres actually a great book “The Toyota Way” by Jeffery K.Liker that tells the inside story of the Toyota journey, from inception to where they are today.

Infact, the Mr. Sakichi Toyoda and His Son Mr. Kiichiro Toyoda, Founders of Toyota Company are credited with designing the 5S principles.

So where do You Start, in your efforts to make small continuous improvements in your life ?

There are 5 Universal Principles of Kaizen, which you must apply in any area or aspect of your life, to start reaping efforts.

They Sound and Look Simple, and Easy, but the Actual implementation requires real Committment and Discipline to Achieve and Sustain the benefits.

The principles are known as the 5S of Kaizen.

They are

1.Sort / Seiri

2.Store / Seiton

3.Scrub / Shine / Seiso

4.Standardize / Seiketsu

5.Sustain / Shitsuke

🎯Sort: This calls for Decluttering your workspaces and homes. Sort out everything to separate the useful or neccessary from non essentials. You know what to do with the waste.Right?

📍Donate whats still usable, Burn or Throw away, what’s no longer usable

How Much unnecessary stuff if filling up your home or work station.One glance at it, is enough to drain some of your energy!

🎯Store: This Principle demands that after sorting out stuff, designate specific areas for specific items. This way, you Reduce the time wasted looking for stuff. Sounds familiar? 📍How many times have you looked for 1 document for over 15 minutes or even more?

🎯Shine / Scrub : Next action is to clean up the newly re organized spaces thoroughly. Scrub and Shine! 📍It sounds pretty oblivious, but how often have you come across dusty, and dirty places not only in business premises, but in people’s homes, yet,they live and work there daily ?

🎯Standardize : Means look for ways to set the acceptable standards for the 3 previous steps. These standards act as a guide for any new person, staff working in those spaces, to carry out those tasks exactly as the previous staff did them.

📍This way, if you tasked *Mary to Sort, Store and Scrub Space A, The end result will be similar to The Results a different staff, say *Rose will achieve.

📍This is Where Work Procedures, checklists, SOPs & Labelling in Premises come in, among other tools & strategies.

🎯Sustain: Keep doing the 4 steps above. Do Not stop when you start seeing the results. Do Not grow weary. And that is How Excellence becomes entrenched in the culture of your organization or home.

📍Let the Standards Set stay entrenched in the organization Culture.


1. Promotes Operational Efficiency. With no clutter, things rightfully stored in their place and with every individual well trained on how to carry out their tasks, operations become seamless.

2. Eliminate Waste in organisations.

Waste in your life or businesses comes in many forms such as

📍Time wasted in repetitive tasks

📍Money loss

📍Defective Products,

📍Waiting Time,

📍Excessive Inventory


📍Motion : Unnecessary motion by staff..(Apply ergonomics)

3. Promotes Safety by minimizing work space accidents and injuries. Think of wrongly stored equipement. What would happen if shovels and Rakes were left carelessly by the front door of your home with a 2 year old baby crawling around

📍By applying the 5s of Kaizen in your home, you would have a safe designated well labelled storage area for the shovels & rakes, hence greatly minimising the risk of accidents.

That is a basic guide to get you started off, on your journey of making continuous improvements in the different aspects of life.

📍Kaizen does not end at the 5s, but rather goes deeper in to each of the 5S, and introduces Visual Performance Measurement, where progress towards your business goals & Targets is measured and presented visually.

📍That makes it possible for every team member to constantly know the progress of the teams, and the variances from the goals set, just by a glance at the Visual Performance Management Dashboard.

In Conclusion,

📍The 5S helps you reduce costs, increase profits, increase employee engagement & customer happiness.

📍Through Kaizen, you will identify the different processes that take place and makes improvements on them.

We Shall revisit, Indepth Kaizen Application in future posts.

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