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Its Rightly said that ‘What Brought You Here (Today ), will Not Take You There (The Future )

”Every Next Level Of Your Life, D.E.M.A.N.Ds a D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T You.Dreaming Big & working to Achieve your Set Goals is just but the onset of a long fulfilling Journey, often mired in expected & unexpected Challenges.Stupidity, its said, is keeping on doing the same things and expecting Different results.So, This Might be a Lil’ harsh, #AreYouPlanningOnBeingStupid in 2020?What Changes are you willing to Make or Adjust to?While Change, is Often uncomfortable, because it puts you out of your comfort zone, Adjusting to For-Good-Change is also Very Fulfilling. There’s that Inner Satifaction that leaves you smiling on the inside, When you take up a ‘Change-for-better’ habits, disciplines, Actions etc.There’s an Undescribable feeling, emotion that just makes you break into a smile , out of the blues: Like a Man Deeply In Love .😂So My dear Friends, and Readers,📌Become the Person that Your 2020 Goals & Demand of You 📌Forget your Previous Failures. But Keep the Lessons. Yesterday is gone, Today is a Fresh New 2nd chance. Give yourself 1,000 Chances..and when you hit 999, reset the button…keep going…You’ll eventually Breakthrough . 📌Trust the Process of B.E.C.O.M.I.N.G ‘That’ other Better Version of You. 📌Treasure The Process of Being ‘Moulded’ into ‘That’ other You….that Must Be, for you to Achieve your goals…Remember ,A Diamond was but once a Rough Gem.Y.O.U are A G.E.M….Let nobody, including yourself, ever tell you otherwise.Now, 📌#SANDPAPER‘ yourself to smooth out the rough edges…out of you…. 📌Be Tough on You. 📌Set Standards For yourself in every Sphere /Area of Your life. #IrreducableMinimums 📌Reward yourself for every winEqually, 📌Penalise yourself for every time you allow Mediocrity to Creep Up in You. #WachaKuregaregaEnjoy the Process of B.E.C.O.M.I.NG your Best Version yet.

#Beyond8to5 #TheFallBackPlanConversationsE:info@daisynyaga.com.

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