Have You Started?

Started What ?

That must be the question you are pondering in your heartWell, let me help you answer you.

March 2020 is here Already ! As the year 2020 began, You must have set yourself goals, Targets, dreams to achieve this year, Right?That you might have done formally, written them down, voiced them out or you probably just have them replaying in your mind and inner heart, as a well kept secret just for you to work out and surprise people when you eventually achieve them.Well, I am here to just hold you accountable.📍60 days into 2020, are gone📍Have you began working on your Action plan(s)📍Have you even laid out a draft action plan for your goal?If You haven’t, don’t Beat Yourself so hard, But then again, You CANT’ afford to waste Any more Time🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯You MUST START doing something about your Goals.📍Break your Goal into smaller Mini goals , whose progress you can track weekly or even daily. This will get you moving and making steady progress towards your Bigger Annual Goal.Nothing can bring back zeal for Life, like you celebrating yourself for your mini goal wins.🥇🎯Start Now.Not Tommorrow. Not Next Week. Not Next Month. Now is That Perfect Time.🎁🎁Celebrate Your Continual Progress , Don’t be Held Back by Your Desire for Perfection.Practise makes Perfect.The more You keep doing Something, The Better you get at It.🎯What have you been postponing since Jan 2020 or earlier?Share your journey with me viainfo@daisynyaga.com

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