How Do You React To Changes?

‘The Only Constant in Life is Change!’

Last Week we were treated to the news that the Kenyan Government is planning to put it’s employees (civil servants) on 3-Year employment contracts.

But as expected, that move has been met with tough resistance from the civil servants as well as the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU)
You may read the full story here;

You see way, back  in 2012 found myself out of a well paying job as an Inflight attendant, thanks to the sudden retrenchment.
I had to Adjust to many changes Not to Lose my mind!

  • I changed Houses, albeit in the same hood! The house I moved into was 50% cheaper than what I was living in before the retrenchment.You can be sure its a house I’d have never imagined myself living in while I still held my job. But Now with No or little cash coming by, I simply had no Option. The Irony now is that I was so Grateful to God, that I had come across that vacant house (I will describe the horror of living in that cheap house at a future Email)
  • I changed the family diet, to get by on much less budget! (Thank God for Noodles.Even when I was down to my last 50 /= between me and poverty, I could still buy 1 Packet of Noodles & Some Soya Meat for dinner!) – Though I never ever really liked both of them, and neither have I to date! – But they ensured we never slept on an empty stomach.
  • I changed My shopping Patterns. whereas before I would comfortably afford to shop 2 months worth of Non-perishables, I could now barely afford to shop even for a month. I adjusted and began shopping provisions to last just for a week when I came by some sensible little cash. But the truth is 98% of the time, I was forced to buy kitchen provisions just for the day. If I made 500/= in a day, I’d buy just enough for that day. The motto in those very low times was ‘Tommorrow will take care of itself!’. Not a good mantra to live by, because, what if you don’t make any coin the following day? what will the children eat for breakfast as they go to school? …But how many people live a day at a time? Many if you ask me, including people very close to you, who are struggling to settle in stable jobs or reliable businesses.
  • Finally, I had to change my mindset on the various ways I could make an income. You see, coming from the aviation industry, it was very difficult adapting to the Multilevel industry. It was the easiest kind business I could get my hands on. But I had to do it, and I successfully did it. I enrolled at NeoLife International (formerly GNLD), where I made my everyday money by selling 2 of my favourite products – Omega 3 Salmon Oil & Super Gro (an organic liquid Fertiliser). Guess what? The changes included learning how to prospect strangers as potential customers for my products, I suddenly found myself taking trips to agricultural rich places like Kisii, Meru, Subukia to market my product…And I sold regardless of the fact that I would meet total strangers in their farms!

And the Changes Grew Me to a Better Version of Me!
I Developed a Thick Skin!
I Became more Confident!
I Adapted a Must Make it Attitude!- Imagine taking an overnight bus to totally new environs like Kisii (I am from Mt.Kenya mind you!) with 2 gallons of Super Gro, and You have No return fare, Wouldn’t you sell?
I Learnt to Spot Opportunities Amidst Opposition & Adversity
I Learnt to Apply Positive Mental Attitude!- Surely, I was determined to surpass my original financial position sooner or later – and Today I can proudly say that I have!

My dear friend,
You see, Changes come our way to Mould us into a Different Version of Yourself.
Whether they leave you better or worse off, is all dependent on how you take to the changes. Embrace Them, and enjoy the Journey of Becoming something better. Resist them, and they will Sweep you along!

When Taxi hailing Apps came to Nairobi, Traditional taxis were up in arms and they used all sorts of strategies to resist technology!, including burning a few Uber branded cars
Today, we not only have a handful of other Taxi-Hailing Apps, but Public Transport is slowly taking up the ‘Seat-Booking’ technology. The Bus is public yes, but the passengers predetermine their seating positions via an App, as well as their pick up time & pick up location. That’s exactly what Swivel is doing right here in Nairobi.

I leave you with this: Learn to Accept & Embrace Change as soon as it Presents Itself. Often it looks like the change is for worse, but look deeper & purpose to SEE the GOOD impact that change will bring in your life.

My Challenge to you for the week –

  • What changes in any part of your life (Be it Professional, Financial, Personal Relationships, Health wise) are you currently resisting?
  • What changes do you foresee coming your way in any of the above areas that are likely to impact your life, either positively or negatively?

I would love to hear from you and walk with you along any expected or unexpected changes you may experience, as I did 

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