How I Make My Job And Side Hustle Thrive

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Sharon Jebet is a full time job as a marketing practitioner in Eldoret. She also has a hand in many other ventures. She is a forex trader, broker and communication management consultant. She shares what floats her boat in the following interview.

Why do you have many ventures running at ago?

We live in a very challenging times whereby you are supposed to grasp at opportunities once they come knocking. I’m hawk-eyed and always see opportunities which are hinged on solving existing societal problems. In communication consulting for instance, I help brands in marketing positioning and communicating with both their internal and external audiences in a better way.

How do you manage juggling between your different ventures?

They always say you can achieve anything once you set your mind to. This is not just a saying but something practical. I’m a good at time management and I always set specific time frame for a given task. At my day job, I dedicate all my time to make it a success. I however take chances during breaks and in the evening to check up on my other ventures and it always play out without a hassle. What makes it work for me is that I’m young, energetic and do not have family commitments that can eat up my time.

How does being an FX trader work?

FX Trading is not easy. You need time to learn the ropes of the game before you give it a go. Luckily there are many free resources on the internet and YouTube lessons to get you going. However, you must be good at reading and understanding how the financial markets work. Many FX brokers offer free accounts which you test your trading experience before investing with your money. I majorly trade in the evenings after retiring from my day job.

What are the most challenging aspects of these ventures?

I can say is being absorbed in them to a point where you lose social connections with your friends and family. They always complain I’m always working. Success is very addictive. Once you strike a good deal in one venture, you always think of how to strike a better one next time and the cycle continues.

What does the future hold if all these businesses outgrow you?

I will cross that bridge when I reach it. On the flip side, growth means expansion and job creation. I’ll be happy to see the businesses grow and create more employment opportunities especially for the youth.

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