Oh No, Such Discomfort!

Why Me?

Have you ever found yourself, lamenting, why a

particular unpleasant occurrence was happening to you?

I bet you have! As I too have, not on one, not on two, not on three, but on uncountless occassions in my life.

If it were in our power, we would all wish ourselves a 🏆🥇🎈Perfect-Happily-Ever-After🎈🥇🏆, kind of Life.

🚫One devoid of financial Struggles,

🚫One devoid of Emotional Turmoil

🚫One filled with perfect , well-Paying and On-time paying clients

🚫One filled with Angelic in- laws & In-Love Extended Families

🚫One with Super Romantic, Stinking rich Husbands, and Life Partners

🚫One with Perfectly Obedient Children, and Ever Submissive Wives

🚫One, where every good desire of our heart is fulfilled as soon as it’s a thought.

Life Though, is the Perfect Opposite.

Life Ain’t Perfect.

Life Doesn’t always work out as we wish it, or as we envision: There will always be at least One, aspect of Life, that everyone of us is struggling with.

And That’s What makes us Human. Imperfect.

And That’s What makes us dependent.

Dependent on The Supreme Being, Our Creator. Dependent on Our Families.

Dependent on Our Friends.

Dependent on the community at large.

No Man is an Island.

So then, what do you do when Life throws at you difficulties, unpleasant occurencies to deal with?

Do you curse and throw Tantrums at everyone, everything and nothing in particular?

Do you cry yourself hoarse, and feel worthiness, and defeated & Dejected?

Do You Blame everybody and everything except Yourself while absolving yourself of Any responsibility ?


Do you Objectively Review the whole scenario with the singular purpose to Understand Why & How it Happened, How You will Best Deal with It, while at the same time, Preventing a Re-Occurence of the same?

Every event , occurrence, happening has a potent lesson for the ‘victim’, and those around. Hence Why we are advised that it’s best to Learn from Others Experiences, since waiting to learn from our very own experiences can be very costly.

🔍R.E.F.L.E.C.T back on your life experiences 🔎

🔍What Unpleasant situations have you encountered ever since you were a child?

🔍What Lessons did that Experience teach you?

🔍Have You deliberately Applied those lessons in your present life?

🔍Do You deliberately meditate on those lessons?, to avoid making similar mistakes?

Once Beaten, Twice Shy.

📍Refuse to be a Victim of Unpleasant & Difficult situations a second time, and if you’ve errored the second time, avoid falling victim a 3rd or 4th time.

📍Put an end to that Cycle, By Purposing to Practice the lessons that Bad Experience Taught You!

Nothing Just Happens in Life, for the sake of it!

📍Love and Enjoy the good of Life

📍Endure, Persevere and Overcome the Bad of Life.

📌Learn the Lessons. Live a Wiser ‘Tommorrow’

Teach it to Others. Spare them the Traps

Live. And Let Live.

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Have a Productive Week ahead!

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