What Have You Today that you could give your children as Inheritance?

‘Jobs Are Not Assets!You Can’t Sell Them. You Can’t Pass Them Over to Your Children’ – Robert Kiyosaki

Over the last several years, We have been treated to Numerous Court battles by families of wealthy individuals who are fighting over the administration or division of the business empire & estate left behind by their Loved one. Sometimes it gets so ugly we see blood brothers & sisters tearing into each other, denying each other access to their parents assets.Am often tempted to brand them  as ‘Little spoilt brats!’, even though they are often deep into their adult hood.

You see, While their parent(s) were alive, they worked very hard to ensure that they left behind sizeable wealth and  assets for their offspring. The Sad thing is that the parents did this to ensure their children have a relatively easier life. That they would not want them to start from scratch, or struggle as they themselves did when starting out at life!

However, we also know of other beautiful succession stories where the parents successfully handed over their business empires to their children. We have many examples locally to draw inspiration from. Think of Mr. Mahesh  Chandaria who has been able to hand over the reins to his Son Darshan Chandaria who is Now C.E.O of Chandaria Industries at only 32 years of age. Mahesh Chandaria is Nephew to Manu Chandaria.

Do you think Mr. Manesh Chandaria, would have a ‘Chandaria Industries‘ to handover to his son, if all he invested in all his life was only a day Job as an employee? No , He wouldn’t !!

Where as Not everybody is Cut out to do business, have you considered investing Today in other viable investment options such as the MMF, Equity Funds, some form of Real Estate among others?

Such kinds of smaller investments will give you ‘a share of‘ a successful business out there, which you can equally hand over to your children to give them a competitive advantage over those who have to start from scratch!

My Challenge to you for the week – What Have you Today to hand over to your children? 
Even the Bible says ‘ A Good Man Shall Leave Inheritance for His Children’s Children! (Prov.13:22)

I would love To hear from You on your current situation.

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